New Maple Park Community Center

Published Dec 09, 2019
The City of Florence held an Open House at the new Maple Park Community Center, Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 11:00am. The new center is located within Maple Park at 915 Gregg Avenue. The public was invited to attend.

Maple Park has thrived as both a neighborhood park and a youth baseball facility for many years. As part of the $15 Million designated by City Council for recreation projects and improvements, funding was made available for the construction of a new community center. The building is 4,480 square feet of usable programming and storage space as compared to the 2,178 square feet int he existing building. The new center has a youth and senior adult activity room, storage and staff office space; multi-use kitchen, restrooms, computer lab, TV viewing space and a large activity area. The new space will be a welcome addition for the City's recreation programming efforts for seniors and youth of the Florence community.