Captain George Mack

Patrol Division

The responsibility of the Patrol Division is diverse and far reaching in all aspects of Law Enforcement Services. The primary responsibility of the Patrol Division is to preserve the peace, protect life and property against criminal activity and promote safety to the motoring public through visible patrol and targeted enforcement of criminal statutes of the State of South Carolina and ordinances of the City of Florence. This mission is accomplished through the activities of the various units of the Patrol Division who fall under the direct command of a Captain, who reports directly to the Chief of Police. 
In November 2013, the Patrol Division was restructured from a two region concept to a consolidated, four squad concept. The intention behind this consolidation was multi-faceted. Improving delivery of services through improved communication and esprit de corps was the primary motivating factor that inspired consolidation. Another goal was to improve accountability to the public and through the supervisory chain of command. 

The Patrol Division is currently comprised of the following two units: Uniformed Patrol and Special Services, which includes the Traffic Unit, Community Action Team, Transport/Complex Security.

Uniformed Patrol Headquarters 

The Uniformed Patrol Headquarters is located at 303 Athens Street. All four patrol squads operate out of this facility. Each squad is comprised of a Lieutenant, Sergeant, two Corporals and seven patrol officers. The city is divided into six patrol districts (Adam, Baker, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Fox) and officers are assigned to each of these districts on an annual basis. This promotes a community oriented policing philosophy that allows officers to interact with the citizens in a more personal manner that enhances delivery of services.  

Two Class III officers also work out of this facility and manage fleet maintenance, trustee supervision, administrative duties, and various other tasks. 
The Patrol Unit is responsible for directed, high visibility patrol, response to calls for service, traffic enforcement, criminal interdiction strategies, collision investigation, preliminary crime investigation, community watch activities, and community service activities.


Special Services Unit

The Special Services Unit is located at the intersection of Dargan and Evans Streets, in the heart of the burgeoning downtown revitalization efforts. This unit is commanded by a Captain who reports directly to the Chief of Police. Each area of the SSU is supervised by a Sergeant who reports to the Captain. The Special Services Unit is comprised of the Traffic Unit, Community Action Team, and Transport/Complex Security. Each of these units has a specific set of responsibilities and area of operation.

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is tasked with strategic and targeted enforcement efforts based on statistical analysis of crash locations, frequency and causal factors. Through analysis of crash and violation data, as well as citizen complaints, STEP (Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program) locations are determined and specific enforcement activities are developed in order to reduce and prevent collisions. Automobile collisions outweigh all other crimes combined in financial loss, injuries, deaths, and property damage. Through targeted enforcement
, injuries, deaths and property damage is reduced which has a beneficial effect on citizens and visitors. Officers of the Traffic Unit are also specially trained in crash investigation, alcohol/drug impaired driving enforcement and occupant protection strategies. The Traffic Unit also facilitates all school
crossing locations and personnel for the safety of students, adults
and buses in the school/traffic paradigm. The Traffic Unit also coordinates traffic control and street closures for all special events including but not limited to parades, festivals, funeral escorts, run/walk events, and processions in or through the City of Florence. 

Community Action Team (CAT) 

The Community Action Team is tasked with being a direct link between the citizens and the department through participation in 
community watch groups. Information is shared between these groups  and the department in order to address the specific needs within the various areas of the city. This promotes the community policing  philosophy that is an integral part of the Florence Police Department’s mission. CAT team members also actively participate in youth  programs such as Camp FEVER, summer sports camps, school presentations and their mascot program, Power Cat, which promotes avoidance of gang participation,drug education and awareness and alternatives to violence. The CAT unit also deploys officers in the central downtown area to facilitate a safe atmosphere between merchants and customers and to provide high visibility to act as deterrent to potential criminal activity.

Transport/Complex Security Unit

The Complex Security Unit is tasked with providing security duties in and around the City/County Complex and Central Headquarters located at the City Center. This is accomplished through a variety of means including entrance scanners/metal detectors to deter/detect the presence of weapons entering the facilities. The Complex Security Unit also consists of the Transport Unit. The Transport Unit is primarily responsible for the transportation of prisoners to the Detention facility, transport of detained juveniles to and from the Department of Juvenile Justice and transport of patients to behavioral health facilities.

Drug Recognition Expert Program

The Department also participates in the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Several officers are currently certified as Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) and actively pursue the enforcement of impaired driving violations against those who drive under the influence of impairing substances. In addition, one of the Patrol Lieutenants currently serves as the Pee Dee Regional DRE Coordinator for the State DECP and acts as the liaison between DRE officers in the region and the State Coordinator at the SC Criminal Justice Academy. This program is growing as the incidents of drug impaired driving increase and the need to educate the public of the effects and hazards of drug use and driving escalates.