Accreditation Unit

The City of Florence Police Department was re-accredited by South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation on March 6, 2020. 

Responsible for the research, review and development of operations and administrative policies in accordance with established national standards for professional police operations. 

Benefits of Accreditation
  • Controlled liability insurance costs
  • Stronger defense against lawsuits and citizen complaints
  • Greater accountability within the agency
  • Staunch support from government officials
  • Increased community advocacy

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does accreditation help? It offers a comfort level regarding the way an agency is managed.
  2. Are police departments different than other police departments? Yes, the accreditation process gives an objective measure of the department’s standing.
  3. Is it a difficult process? Yes, and it should be. On a daily basis, patrol officers perform a variety of complex personal, legal, and community activities. To be effective, they must be guided by the most contemporary policy and procedures.
  4. How does the process work? The accreditation process is an "audit" to determine whether or not the police department’s operational policies, written and unwritten, comply with the standards to which the City Manager, Police Chief, Supervisors and Patrol Officers are held accountable by the courts and public in the everyday conduct of their business.
  5.  How can I get more information? Call the South Carolina Police Accreditation Coalition at 803-360-0956 or visit