Protecting Your Child From Gang Involvement


What Parents Can Do to Help Prevent Youth Violence

Supervise your children’s activities and know their friends. Give your children consistent love and attention.

Get your children involved in supervised, positive group activities. Communicate openly with your children, and encourage them to talk about all aspects of their lives.

Develop good communication with your children. Set clear standards for your children’s behavior, and be consistent about rules and discipline.

Spend positive time with your children. Make sure your children are supervised.

Become involved in your children’s education. Promote peaceful resolutions to conflict by being a good role model.

Clearly and continually begin to express to your children at an early age your disapproval of gangs and gang-related activity. Talk to your children about the consequences of drug and weapon use, gang participation, and violence.

Keep your children from attracting the attention of gangs. Try to limit your child’s exposure to violence in the media.

Learn about gang and drug activity in your community. Try to limit your children’s exposure to violence in the home or community.

  Take the initiative to make your school and community safer.



If you suspect your child of being involved in gang activities or youth violence, please contact the local police (665-3191) or sheriff’s department (665-2121).

If you want to get involved with or get more information about The Mayor’s Coalition to Prevent Juvenile Crime, please contact Jim Shaw at 669-4141.