The Mayor’s Coalition to Prevent Juvenile Crime is made up of private citizens, government, educators, business, and agencies from Florence, South Carolina, who are interested in reducing juvenile crime. The focus of the coalition is prevention, not punishment.

The coalition began forming in June 2004 and was announced in October 2004. It has been working with Dr. Imm from USC on coalition building and a ten step model called “Getting to Outcomes”. This model includes formation of the coalition, needs assessment, resource assessment, formulation of a plan, and evaluation of the plan.

The coalition meets monthly as a large group and each sub-committee of the coalition also meets one time monthly. The sub-committees are: planning, law enforcement, education, human services, faith based, neighborhood/parent, and business.

Data is collected through police juvenile violence/crime reports, focus groups, and surveys. This enables the coalition to target areas in the community that need help and bring the communities resources to bear to address that need.

The coalition does seek grant help, however, the grants the coalition writes must focus on programs, training, or bricks and mortar. It will not focus grant money on building a bureaucracy, rather on having the funds reach as many members of the community as possible.

The coalition is open to any citizen in the community and encourages participation and solicitation of views and opinions.