The City of Florence has been recognized as a “Tree City USA” for over 30 years by the National Arbor Day foundation and is justifiably proud of this accomplishment.  The Streets and Beautification Division, along with the Parks and Beautification Commission, go to great lengths to protect the public tree population.  This involves safeguarding and maintaining the existing trees, as well as planting new trees for the future. One such program that helps this process is the City Tree Planting Fund.  This fund is used to supplement street tree planting efforts in areas where mature trees have died, and in other public locations that need trees.  The City also encourages citizens and businesses to plant trees on private property.  The City will be happy to supply information on tree species that do well in this area, proper planting methods, planting seasons and other valuable insight on tree planting.

For more information about the Tree Planting Fund or tree planting in general, call Beautification and Facilities at 665-3236.

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