All property taxes for the City of Florence, with the exception of vehicle taxes, which are not paid by January 15, are assessed a 3% penalty on January 16.  On February 2, unpaid taxes are assessed an additional 7% for a total of 10%.  On March 17, unpaid taxes are assessed an additional 5% for a total of 15%, and additional collection costs are added.  Unpaid delinquent property taxes for real property and mobile homes may be subject to collection through a public property sale by Florence County.

For more information about delinquent tax collection, due dates and penalties, contact the Florence County Delinquent Tax Collection Office located in room 107 of the City-County Complex, 180 North Irby Street, Florence between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, or call the office at 843-665-3095.